1. In the Zuper App Store, click “Telephony, Video & SMS” and click “Twilio”

2. Click “Install Twilio” to install the application

3. Login to your Twilio account and copy Account SID, Auth Token and the Sender Number

4. Configure Twilio settings in Zuper. Enter Account SID, Auth Token, and the Sender Number obtained from the previous step

5. Once the configurations are complete, click “Update

6. Navigate to “Notification and Alerts” in the Zuper settings 

7. Click “Customer Notifications” and configure the SMS message templates

8. Once the SMS message templates are configured, test the Twilio integration by creating a Job for a sample customer with your cell phone number 


9. Once the configured Job trigger is fired, you should receive the SMS.  


10. Your Twilio account is configured now. Keep your customers in a tight loop with automated notifications and alerts!!!