In Zuper, you can create manually entry for "Timesheet" for any user. Admin and Team Leader will be having access to create the "New Timesheet Entry".

Steps to create New Timesheet Entry:

1) Login to Zuper Web-App as admin or team leader.

2) Navigate to the "Timesheet" module, it will load the timesheet entries for the day. To add the timesheet entry for a user, click on "New Entry".

3) New Timesheet page will be loading, in that need to select the "Type of entry, select date & time and location". 

        A) Type of Entry*  -> Admin or Team Lead needs to select the entry type whether its a "check-in / check-out /break or resume" entry.

        B) Select Location -> If there are different locations from where the user will be working in that case "Location" helps us to know which place the user working for the day.

        C) Select Date*      -> Date can be select 5 days in the past from the current day to create the entry. The system will not allow the Admin or Team Leader to create the entry for future dates.

        D) Select Time*     -> Select the time to create the timesheet entry.

Note: Type of Entry, Select Date & Time are mandatory fields.

4) Under "Available Co-Workers" it will load the entire user list in Zuper, click on "Add" to move the user to "Selected Co-workers". 

5) Admin or Team Leader can select the user for whom timesheet entry need to create manually. 

6) After selecting the users, admin or team leader can click on "Save Timesheet" it will prompt a pop-up for confirmation.

7) Click on "Save" to create the entry. 

Follow the steps from 3 to 7 for other type timesheet entries.