Steps to Punch-In & Punch-Out: 

1) Open the ZuperTime app.

2) Enter the "Company Name" when prompted. Enter the "email address and password" to log in.

3) After login it loads the dashboard, click on "Punch-In" and "Select Location" that you are assigned. If you are not on the right location, it prompts an error message.

4) If you are at the right location, it will open the camera for authentication.

5) Ensure your face is fully inside the circle and click the button to take a selfie for "Punch-In". After taking the picture it will        verify the authentication picture with the enrollment picture to confirm the right person has punched-in. 

6) An error message is displayed if the authentication is failed either due to a wrong picture or a low-quality picture. Retry and ensure that your face is within the circle while taking the picture. Try step 4 and 5 once again.

7) To "Check-out", click on "Punch-out" button on the dashboard and follow step 4 to 6 from the above screenshot.