Administrators or Team Leader can approve time off request. If a team leader or admin approves or rejects a time off request, the employee will be notified on the status.  

1)    Login to Zuper webapp.

2)    Click on "Timesheet" module from the side menu.

3)    Click on "Manager Time off" on the top right corner. 

4)    It will load the time off request page will load and it will show the pending time-off request waiting for approval. Time off calendar will show the approved and rejected. 

5)    Click on the pending time off request card on the left side to the calendar to view the user time off details.

6)    It will show the "Time off Request Details" pop-up appears on the screen, Where Team Leader or Admin can approve or reject the request.

7)    Once "Approve or Reject" is clicked it will be requesting for approval or reject remarks for the request.

8)    Once its been approved or rejected it will be notified the Co-worker.

If your having issue with time off request approve or reject, please write an email to and one of the agents from support team will get in touch with you.