"Time-Off" means a period of time when you do not work because of illness or holidays, or because your employer has given you permission to take time-off. 

1)    Login to Zuper webapp.

2)    Click on "Timesheet" module from the side menu.

3)    Click on "Manager Time off" on the top right corner.

4)    It will load the time off request page will load and it will show the pending time-off request waiting for approval. Time off calendar will show the approved and rejected.

5)    Click on "Manage Time off" on the top right corner.

6)    "Create New Time off request" pop-up will appear. Need to fill the request "From and To Date, Reason and Remarks". Click on "Submit" create the time off request.

If your having issue with creating time off request, please write an email to support@zuper.co and one of the agents from support team will get in touch with you.