Once you have created the employees details in zuper, the next step is to enroll their picture for facial authentication. 

Follow the steps below to enroll the employees using zuper manager app.

1)    Login to Zuper Manager App.

2)    Open the side menu and click on “Timesheets" module.

3)    Click on the three dots on the top right corner and select “Enroll User”.

4)    Enroll User page will load, click on “Select an Employee” to enroll.

5)    Take the picture of the employee and if the picture is fine click on “Submit”.

6)    You will get the message as “Employee enrolled Successfully”. 

7)    Repeat step 4 to 6 again for next employees.

If your having issue with employee enrollment, please write an email to support@zuper.co and one of the agents from support team will get in touch with you.