Under employee summary report they are different reports, uses of each report is mentioned below one by one. By entering the "From Date and To Date" Zuper will generate the excel using the given date range.

1) Employee Master Report:

                        This report provided the details of the employees created in zuper. The data in the report will be Employee First and Last name, email address, Home and work phone number, active status, created and updates date.

2) Timesheet - Master Report:

                        This particular report provide the details of the employee when they have punched in and out, took break and resume to work. The data in the will be First Name, Last Name, Email, Type and Checked Time. 

3) Timesheet - Timecard Report:

                        This report will provide you the details when the employee has been punch in and out from zuper. It will help the manager or team leader to who are the field executives available for the day. 

4) Employee Feedback Report:

                        This report will provide the feedback from the each employee about their day. It will help the team leader or manager to help employee with the work.