The Map on Zuper offers three views: Map, Satellite, and Terrain. Also can view the Traffic conditions and Public Transport route.

  • To change view, click on Maps from the left menu, click on the choose map button in the bottom-right corner of the screen, to select the view.
  • Select the Satellite option. The Satellite view appears.
  • Click on the choose map button to change the view to map or terrain view.

The traffic overlay shows different colors on roads indicating traffic condition it will helps you navigate during rush hour. Green tells you you’re good to go, yellow indicates slowdowns, and red means avoid at all costs.

The Public Transport overlay show near by bus stop or railways station on the map. Public Transport view is available only on MAP View.

If your having any difficulties in changing map views, please write an email to and one of the agents from support team will get in touch with you.